October 2019 Monthly Chamber Meeting


October 2019 Monthly Chamber Meeting

October 15, 2019 11:30 cst Board Meeting/ 12:00 cst General Meeting

Community Center, 628 Main Street Russell Springs, KY 42642

Lindsey W. Gosser, President x Nick Shearer,  Vice-president x           Patti Lamb,


x Rhonda Redmon, ED x
Rick Miles x Stephen Branscum Don Byrom x Kim Byrom x
Alan Coffey x Don Cooper   Stephen Eastin   Joy Fletcher
Michael Ford x Bennie Garland Vickie Glenn x Lisa Gosser x
Daryl Hammond   Ronald Hopper   Torsten Languuth   Linda McFarland
Gary Robertson x Eddie Thomas x Barbara Sharpe   Adam Stille  
Anita Tucker x Eric West Randy Baird      

Board Members Present – Noted with an X


The Russell County Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting was held Tuesday, October 15th at the Community Center, 628 Main Street, Russell Springs, KY. There were approximately 36 in attendance. President, Lindsey W. Gosser, with State Farm Insurance Agency of Russell Springs, welcomed everyone and thanked each one for coming and showing support of the Chamber of Commerce.  She also recognized the BLUEGRASS CELLULAR as being the sponsor for this month’s Chamber meeting, the City of Russell Springs for the Community Center and KAREN’S KITCHEN catering for the delicious lunch.


Minutes from the August meeting were reviewed by Chamber President Lindsey W.Gosser.  A motion was made to accept the minutes from August by Michael A. Ford, Superintendent of the Russell County School System and seconded by Nick Shearer, Mayor of Jamestown and Vice-President of the Chamber.



Treasurer, Patti Lamb, Bank of Jamestown, reviewed the financial reports from August and September 2019.  Financials were accepted with no discussion.   The results of the 2019 Golf Scramble were reported with proceeds of $5,025.63.



  • Current Membership was reported at 166 with 11 ribbon cuttings to date.
  • The Chamber SPOTLIGHT advertising campaign is going well this year with 17 to date. Ron’s Auto Body Shop is scheduled for October 21-25.
  • In lieu of a special called meeting, President Lindsey W. Gosser sent an email asking for the boards’ support of the upcoming High School and College Bass Fishing Tournament scheduled for May 6-8, 2020. Most all board members were in favor, so Lindsey signed a contract of intent with Bassmasters.  She encouraged all Chamber members to be hospitable and encouraging as we welcome these boaters into our community.  Lisa Gosser, LCADD, suggested heavily promoting the event two weeks prior to the tournament with signage, marquees, radio spots, etc. Don Byrom, Byrom Law Office, suggested the Chamber be as supportive as possible to make this event a success.  He reminded everyone that is essentially what the Chamber is for.  Kim Byrom spoke regarding the money collected for the tournament be put into a separate account from the Chamber and Tourism.  CPA, Joy Fletcher is currently working on this.  Byrom also mentioned that if a business or entity chose NOT to sponsor this event, it should NOT be boycotted or slandered.
  • Lisa Gosser made a motion to open a second (separate from Chamber) checking account for tournaments/events. Don Byrom seconded the motion.
  • Lindsey reminded everyone of the Nominating Committee scheduled for Wednesday, October 16th at the Chamber office @ 10:00am, cst.
  • It was brought to Lindsey W. Gosser’s attention that there is no liability or workers’ compensation insurance in place at the Chamber. An email was sent to insurance agencies that are currently Chamber members (Grider Insurance, Jack & Jack, Jill W. Smith, McKinney-Blair, Lindsey W. Gosser and RC Farm Bureau).  They were asked to submit bids by October 15th.   There was only one sealed bid submitted, Lindsey W. Gosser, State Farm.  It was decided that Rhonda would give each insurance agency a courtesy call and extend the deadline until Thursday, October 17th.  Vice-President, Nick Shearer will review the bids and find those that meet the qualifications and is the lowest.  Alan Coffey, with SKRECC, made a motion, Patti Lamb, Treasurer, seconded the motion.
  • Some how the LEADERSHIP PROGRAM has been placed on the back burner. Stephanie Foley has been the director for the last two years, but would like to pass it on to someone else.  Christy Martin has stated that she would be interested in this project.  Rhonda will contact her.
  • The Adopt-A-Highway Fall Project, on Thursday, August 29th, went well with 10 volunteers.  The Chamber’s two-mile stretch runs from the intersection of Hwy. 80 & 127 to Lakeway Drive on Hwy. 127.
  • After thanking Mayor Eddie Thomas and The City of Russell Springs for the use of the Community Room, Karen’s Kitchen and Bluegrass Cellular for sponsoring this month’s meeting, Lindsey asked for a motion to adjourn the board meeting. Nick Shearer made a motion to adjourn, Lisa Gosser seconded.




  • President Lindsey W. Gosser welcomed everyone to the October meeting of the RUSSELL COUNTY CHAMBER of COMMERCE. She recognized BLUEGRASS CELLULAR as being the sponsor for this month’s meeting and for providing the lunch at no cost to Chamber members and attendees.  Lunch was catered by KAREN’S CATERING.  She also thanked the City of Russell Springs for hosting the Chamber meeting at the Community Center.
  • JR Thompson, director of the SCC-Russell Center opened the general meeting and lunch with prayer.
  • Lindsey gave a recap of the Board meeting. See notes from above.
  • Patti Lamb, treasurer, gave a recount of the 2019 Golf Scramble results.
  • Lindsey introduced Chad Pearson and Kalu Njoku, with BLUEGRASS CELLULAR. Chad stated that Bluegrass Cellular is the 7th largest mobile phone carrier in the U.S.-soon to be 6th once the merger with T-Mobile is secured. He also mentioned that Bluegrass has partnered with Verizon so there isn’t a lapse in coverage when you travel outside of the Bluegrass area.  Bluegrass Cellular is very community-oriented giving two scholarships, donating to Thunder Run and the 2019 Chamber Golf Scramble just to name a few.  He mentioned some exciting things that Bluegrass has to offer through iPads, Spartan Cam, MY FLEET, and Panasonic Tough Books.
  • Kalu addressed the Chamber members regarding their emails. If there are any issues that haven’t been addressed, he encouraged everyone to contact Rhonda who would then forward him the name(s) and issues.  He also offered his services if anyone is interested in designing or upgrading their web page.
  • Tracy Wariner, with Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program (EKCEP) spoke to the members about a grant that helps individuals coming out of recovery find employment. This grant specializes in helping to remove the stigma of opioid dependency and helping them find employment.  She encouraged businesses/leaders to become transitional employers and helping to support those in recovery stay in recovery.   There will be an Employer’s Symposium in November.
  • Judge Michael O. Caperton, spoke about the four levels of court: district, circuit, (domestic), Court of Appeals and Supreme Court.
  • President, Lindsey Gosser, recognized those that were attending for the first time: Sara Byrom, owner of a new title/closing company
  • JR Thompson, director of SCC-Russell Center, invited everyone to an International Workshop scheduled for October 29 @ SCC-Russell Center from 10:00-2:00 cst. He also mentioned a Business Management Certificate that SCC is offering and help in earing a GED for January 2020.
  • Lindsey concluded the meeting by thanking BLUEGRASS CELLULAR, THE CITY OF RUSSELL SPRINGS and KAREN’S CATERING KITCHEN for another wonderful meeting. She also reminded everyone that the next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 19th. Location TBA.



NEXT MEETING-Tuesday, November 19th.  Location TBA.

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