March 2019 RC Chamber Meeting


March 2019 RC Chamber Meeting

March 19, 2019 11:30 cst Board Meeting/ 12:00 cst General Meeting

Community Center in Russell Springs, 628 Main Street

Lindsey W. Gosser, President x Nick Shearer,  Vice-president x           Patti Lamb,


x Rhonda Redmon, ED X
Rick Miles x Stephen Branscum x Don Byrom x Kim Byrom  
Alan Coffey Don Cooper x Stephen Eastin x Joy Fletcher
Michael Ford x Bennie Garland Vickie Glenn x Lisa Gosser x
Daryl Hammond x Ronald Hopper x Torsten Languuth   Linda McFarland
Gary Robertson x Eddie Thomas x Barbara Sharpe x Adam Stille x
Anita Tucker x Eric West x Randy Baird      

Board Members Present – Noted with an X


The Russell County Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting was held Tuesday, March 19, 2019 at the Community Center located on Main Street in Russell Springs. There were 52 Chamber members present. President, Lindsey W. Gosser, with State Farm Insurance Agency of Russell Springs, welcomed everyone and thanked each one for coming and showing support of the Chamber of Commerce.  She also recognized the City of Russell Springs for allowing the Chamber to use the Community Center, Premier Integrity Solutions for sponsoring the meal and Sherry Daniels for catering the meal.


Minutes from the February meeting were reviewed by Chamber President Lindsey W.Gosser.  A motion was made to accept the minutes from February by Vickie Glenn, with Superior Battery and seconded by Barbara Sharpe, with BPW.


Treasurer Patti Lamb reviewed the financial reports from February 2019.  Financials were accepted with no discussion.



  • President Lindsey W. Gosser had several dates to share of upcoming Chamber events: At 2:00 today, March 19, the Chamber will celebrate with REEL JAVA & CREAMERY (2671 S.HWY. 92 Jamestown, KY) with a ribbon cutting.
  • Saturday, March 30 is a scheduled ribbon cutting for THE PRETTY CREEKSIDE BOUTIQUE. They are located at 640 Bolin Road Russell Springs, KY 42642
  • The Chamber Banquet was originally scheduled for Tuesday, April 23 at The Lake Cumberland Resort Park. After some discussion, it was revealed that there is a Drug Forum/Panel sponsored by RC School System that is scheduled for that same evening.  President Lindsey Gosser is looking into other available dates.  There will be 15 booths available for businesses to set up in the lobby of the center the night of the banquet.  If interested, you should contact Mrs. Linda McFarland.  Tickets will be $30.00 each and the theme will be, “BOOK AN ADVENTURE WITH RUSSELL COUNTY”. President Lindsey asked if businesses would be interested in decorating their own table or just having the committee handle all of the decorating duties.  No comments.
  • The BLITZ seems to be going well. To date, there are 103 members and 9 commitments to the Chamber SPOTLIGHT.  Our team captains, Kim Kelsey and Barbara Sharpe are doing an outstanding job.
  • Barbara Sharpe, BPW, addressed the group regarding the SPRING CLEAN-UP with the Adopt-A-Highway project. The dates are March 19-25.  Since it is still cool, Barbara stated that she would look into other dates once the weather warmed up.
  • President Lindsey Gosser reminded everyone that the Chamber has a new email address:
  • The Trout Festival is scheduled for April 12-13 at the Russell Springs City Park.




  • President Lindsey W. Gosser welcomed everyone to the March meeting of the RUSSELL COUNTY CHAMBER of COMMERCE. She thanked the City of Russell Springs for allowing the Chamber to use the Community Center,  Premier Integrity Solutions for sponsoring the meal and Sherry Daniels for catering.  Vice-President Nicholas Shearer opened the general meeting with prayer.
  • After introducing herself, President, Lindsey Gosser announced several upcoming events. At 2:00 today, March 19th, REEL JAVA & CREAMERY will be celebrating their GRAND OPENING with a ribbon cutting.
  • The Trout Festival is scheduled for April 12-13 at the Russell Springs City Park.
  • A ribbon cutting is scheduled for THE PRETTY CREEKSIDE BOUTIQUE on Saturday, March 30 @ 12:00.
  • The Chamber Banquet will be next month, April. After some discussion during the Board meeting, the date has been tabled pending available dates at The Lake Cumberland State Resort Park.  There will be 15 booths available for local businesses to set up prior to the Banquet.  First come, first served.  See Linda McFarland if interested.
  • A BLITZ update was given with 103 Chamber members and 9 Chamber SPOTLIGHTS. Team captains, Kim Kelsey and Barbara Sharpe are doing a GREAT job.  Lindsey also mentioned that applications were available at the Chamber meeting.
  • Lakewoods Appliance/Matt Gosser was recognized as being a Chamber SPOTLIGHT business for March. Matt reminded everyone to come see him for all of their appliance and furniture needs.
  • The new Chamber email is Be mindful of BOGUS emails that are continuing to circulate.
  • Sherry Sabine, with Hospice of Lake Cumberland and Tim Spears, independent auctioneer were recognized as first time attendees.
  • Jamie Hicks, with Huddle House of Russell Springs, announced a discount card of 20% for Chamber members that he has made available.
  • President Lindsey Gosser introduced U.S. Attorney Russell Coleman. He serves the western district of Kentucky with 53 counties.  Prior to his appointment as U.S. Attorney, he served as an agent for the FBI and special duty with Mitch McConnell.  He also had a private practice in Louisville, KY.  Coleman gave several statistics related to gun violence and drug use and the dangers of a simple cell phone to your family and children.  Kentucky’s priorities are with children and elderly fraud.  Mr. Coleman stated that there are three things that need our attention to curb drug use:  1) PREVENTION-talk to your kids and grandkids!  It’s never too early, 2) ENFORCEMENT-law enforcement and 3) TREATMENT-Dr. Miles spoke about choices…prison or treatment?!  It takes several months for a ‘drug induced’ brain to recover from addiction and adverse child experiences contribute to drug abuse.  It has been shown that meth triggers crimes of violence.  Molly Rose with Premier Integrity Solutions spoke about drug testing, working with the Veterans Center, and the drug courts.
  • President Lindsey Gosser thanked U.S. Attorney for taking the time to address the Chamber. She also thanked the City of Russell Springs for the Community Center, Premier Integrity Solutions for sponsoring the meal and Sherry Daniels for catering. She reminded everyone to be on the lookout for information regarding the upcoming Chamber Banquet.


NEXT MEETING-There will be NO monthly Chamber meeting.  The Chamber Banquet will be held in April.  Date TBA at The Lake Cumberland State Resort Park.

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