January Chamber Minutes


January Chamber Minutes

January 21, 2020 11:30 cst Board Meeting/ 12:00 cst General Meeting

The Russell County Public Library, 535 N. Main St., Jamestown, KY 42629

Nick Shearer, President x Stephen Hill  Vice-president x           Patti Lamb,


x Rhonda Redmon, ED x
Steve Best x Stephen Branscum x Don Byrom x Kim Byrom x
Alan Coffey x Terry Ray Cochran x Stephen Eastin   Joy Fletcher x
Steven Fletcher x Michael A. Ford x Bennie Garland Vickie Glenn x
Lindsey Gosser x Lisa Gosser   Christy Martin   Rick Miles x
Linda McFarland   Gary D. Robertson   Barbara Sharpe x Adam Stille  
Eddie Thomas   Anita Tucker x Eric West x Lindsey Westerfield x

Board Members Present – Noted with an X


The Russell County Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting was held Tuesday, January 21st at the Russell County Public Library, Jamestown, KY. There were approximately 45 in attendance.  President, Nick Shearer, welcomed everyone and thanked each one for coming and showing support of the Chamber of Commerce. He also thanked the new members of the board (Stephen Hill, Steve Best, Terry R. Cochran, Steven Fletcher, Christy Martin and Lindsey Westerfield) for their dedication and commitment to Russell County. He also recognized the Russell County Public Library for the facility, The City of Jamestown for sponsoring the meal for today’s meeting, Mr. J.D. Chaney, Executive Director and CEO of Kentucky League of Cities for speaking at today’s meeting and Sherry Daniels and Lisa Tarter for the delicious lunch.


Minutes from the December meeting were approved with a motion made by Lindsey W. Gosser, with State Farm Insurance and seconded by Patti Lamb, with Bank of Jamestown.


Treasurer, Patti Lamb, Bank of Jamestown, reviewed the financial reports from December 2019.  A motion to accept the financial report was made by Michael A. Ford, Superintendent of Russell County Schools and seconded by Dr. Rick Miles.



  • A request for a $100 donation to the UK Regional Spelling was discussed. It was decided to continue to follow the set By-Laws which state no donations will be made through the Chamber, but are welcomed by individual businesses.  An email was sent with apologies to Ben DeVore, the organizer of this event.
  • The 2020 Committees and members was reviewed. Eric West, with DUO Broadband, made a motion to accept the committees.  Barbara Sharpe, BPW, seconded the motion.
  • 2020 Chamber Applications are available today for anyone who has not received an email with it attached.
  • Joy Fletcher made a motion to approve Nick Shearer, 2020 Chamber President, to be able to sign checks from any Chamber account in the event that Treasurer, Patti Lamb is unavailable. Don Byrom, with Byrom Law Office, seconded.  It was also stated that any past President would be removed from this duty.
  • In preparation of the upcoming Banquet, BLITZ captains and teams were discussed.  There are typically three captains with a prize of $300.00 split between the three.  President Nick Shearer, suggested that this year’s prize of $300.00 be “winner take all”.  Eric West, with DUO Broadband made a motion to accept this suggestion. Stephen Hill, with McKinney and Blair, seconded the motion.  The Team captains will be:  Kim Kelsey, Barbara Sharpe and Eric West.
  • The Tournament and Special Events Account is open and ready for deposits. Any deposit made needs to be specified for this account when submitting to the Chamber or to First National Bank, where the account is established. President Nick Shearer stated that he would set a date for a meeting to get promotion started for the upcoming Bassmasters Fishing Tournament scheduled for May 6-9, 2020.
  • Lindsey W. Gosser, with State Farm Insurance, mentioned having a simple brochure to hand out during sign-ins of the tournament to give information about dining, etc. Kim Byrom, Lake Cumberland Properties, mentioned the Visitors Guide that is offered through Lake Cumberland Tourism as having all this information available. These guides need to be available as participants sign-in.
  • There will be a Banquet Committee Meeting immediately following the Chamber meeting today.
  • Steve Branscum, with Branscum Construction, made a motion to adjourn the board meeting. Alan Coffey, with SKRECC, seconded the motion.
  • Meeting adjourned.




  • President Nick Shearer welcomed everyone to the January meeting of the RUSSELL COUNTY CHAMBER of COMMERCE. He recognized The City of Jamestown and the council members as being the sponsor for this month’s meeting and for providing the lunch at no cost to Chamber members and attendees.  Lunch was catered by Sherry Daniels and Lisa Tarter.  He also thanked the Russell County Public Library for hosting the January Chamber meeting.
  • President Nick Shearer recognized Mr. Bill Kindred as being the interim CEO of the Russell County Hospital.
  • President Nick Shearer gave a recap of the Board meeting. See notes from above.  He also mentioned that the TOURNAMENT & SPECIAL EVENTS account at First National Bank is open and ready for deposits.
  • Anita Tucker, with Monticello Banking Company, offered the blessing before lunch and the general meeting.
  • Sandy Simpson, with Congressman James Comer’s office and Josh Branscum, were recognized.
  • President Nick Shearer introduced Mr. J.D. Chaney, Executive Director and CEO of Kentucky League of Cities.
  • J.D. Chaney explained his role in Frankfort as being a liaison/advocate between small cities and lawmakers of Frankfort.  He firmly believes that local elected officials are in the best position to make local decisions.  Some of his duties include:  to provide legal services for mayors, to aid in community development, to provide training for elected city officials, among many other duties.  He also believes that ‘The whole can only be as good as it’s parts’.
  • Rick Miles asked him about funding for healthcare.
  • Jerry Westerfield inquired how he thought pensions would be funded. Mr. Chaney stated that tax reform is a must or there will be cuts.
  • President Nick Shearer thanked Mr. Chaney for speaking today. He also encouraged anyone who didn’t have a Chamber application to pick one up on the way out.
  • He announced that the next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 19th at the Russell County Public Library and will be sponsored by THE BANK OF JAMESTOWN.



NEXT MEETING-Tuesday, February 19, 2020- The Russell County Public Library.

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