February Meeting


February Meeting

February 19, 2019 11:30 cst Board Meeting/ 12:00 cst General Meeting

Community Center in Russell Springs, 628 Main Street

Lindsey W. Gosser, President x Nick Shearer,  Vice-president x           Patti Lamb,


x Rhonda Redmon, ED X
Rick Miles   Stephen Branscum x Don Byrom Kim Byrom x
Alan Coffey Don Cooper x Stephen Eastin   Joy Fletcher
Michael Ford x Bennie Garland Vickie Glenn Lisa Gosser x
Daryl Hammond   Ronald Hopper x Torsten Languuth   Linda McFarland x
Gary Robertson x Eddie Thomas x Barbara Sharpe x Adam Stille x
Anita Tucker x Eric West x Randy Baird x    

Board Members Present – Noted with an X


The Russell County Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting was held Tuesday, February 19, 2019 at the Community Center located on Main Street in Russell Springs. There were 45 Chamber members present. President, Lindsey W. Gosser, with State Farm Insurance Agency of Russell Springs, welcomed everyone and thanked each one for coming and showing support of the Chamber of Commerce.  She also recognized the City of Russell Springs for hosting the venue and providing the lunch free of charge, catered by Lisa Tarter.


Minutes from the January meeting were reviewed by Chamber President Lindsey W.Gosser.  A motion was made to accept the minutes from January by Linda McFarland, with United Citizens Bank and seconded by Michael Ford, superintendent of the Russell County School System.


Treasurer Patti Lamb reviewed the financial reports from January 2019.  Financials were accepted with no discussion.


  • President Lindsey W. Gosser asked Past President, Randy Baird to address the board regarding an annual review of the Executive Director. This was done through emails. Copies of the annual review were given to keep on record.  After reviewing the annual budget and finding that the ‘ADMINISTRATIVE’ section was under budget for 2018, he recommended a 5% raise to the existing pay for the Executive Director.  The current pay is $13.00 an hour.  Adam Stille, with Edward Jones made a motion to accept.  Anita Tucker, with Monticello Bank seconded the motion.
  • President Lindsey W. Gosser asked the board members how they would like to proceed with businesses that expand to offer other services. Should they be required to have a separate membership? The board unanimously agreed that the existing membership would be sufficient.  The board suggested a ‘GRAND OPENING’ to help promote the addition.
  • Lindsey W. Gosser gave a brief review of a recent Chamber SPOTLIGHT Committee meeting held last month. A breakdown of the advertising dollars was presented.  For a week’s worth of advertising a business would typically expect to pay:  DUO Broadband-$40.00, WHVE-$220.00 to $330.00, WJRS-$115.00, The Times Journal (3×10-ad)-$230.50. Members of the Chamber are offered this same amount of advertising for $200.00 through the Chamber SPOTLIGHT Campaign.
  • Eric West, with DUO Broadband, spoke to the board members about the necessity of creating a new email address after years of use to cutdown on ‘spoofing’ and ‘SPAM’. He mentioned that Bluegrass Cellular would be a huge asset in this area.  Chad Pearson, with Bluegrass Cellular, spoke about changing to Bluegrass Cellular.  The Chamber currently owns their own domain.  Each email account/address would cost $5.00.  Kalu, with Bluegrass Cellular spoke about the ease of switching to Bluegrass Cellular and how he would help set everything up.  By switching from DUO Broadband, the new email account will have 30g of storage, unlimited cloud storage for pictures, video conferencing ability.  President Lindsey Gosser asked for a motion to accept this move from DUO Broadband to Bluegrass Cellular.  Eric West, with DUO Broadband, made a motion to move from DUO Broadband to Bluegrass Cellular.  Steve Branscum, with Branscum Construction, seconded the motion.


  • President Lindsey W. Gosser welcomed everyone to the February meeting of the RUSSELL COUNTY CHAMBER of COMMERCE. She thanked the City of Russell Springs for hosting the venue and providing lunch at no cost to the members.  Also, thanks to the Bank of Jamestown for providing help for the sign-in sheets and collecting applications for membership and payment.   Lunch was provided by Lisa Tarter.
  •  President, Lindsey Gosser, gave a quick ‘infomercial’ regarding the Chamber SPOTLIGHT.  She broke down the actual cost* of advertising for a week using the social media included in the Chamber SPOTLIGHT.  *Please see the break down in the notes above.
  • Shevawn Foley, with Friends of Wolf Creek, spoke to the Chamber about the upcoming fundraiser for the ‘CATCH A RAINBOW’ program that is conducted each June at no cost to local children. The Trout Festival is scheduled to be held at the Russell Springs City Park on April 12-13.  They are still in need of vendors, board members, and volunteers.  If interested contact Shevawn Foley.  All proceeds from the TROUT Festival will go towards the ‘CATCH A RAINBOW’ program.  The TROUT Festival will have kids games, corn hole tournaments, vendors, pagents, live music and a fish fry on Friday.
  • Evan Claunch with 3trees was recognized as being a first time attendee.
  • Adam York, vehicle regulations spoke to the Chamber about the upcoming changes to Kentucky’s licenses. There will be two options when renewing your licenses:  1) Regular/Standard Driver’s licenses-these can be used to vote, social benefits, age appropriate purchases or 2) KY Voluntary Travel ID-these ID’s will be used to board an airplane, enter a military base or nuclear power plant.  The new license will be available in Russell County on April 15, 2019.  However, your current license will be valid until October 1, 2020 unless you plan to fly before that date. If you are over the age of 21, you may renew your license six months prior to your birthday.  Be sure to check your license for the expiration date.  The requirements needed are as follows:  STANDARD-bring in your old licenses. No additional paperwork is needed.  VOLUNTARY TRAVEL ID- proof of ID (birth certificate, certified copy of birth certificate, US Passport), Social Security card (CANNOT be laminated), tax form (i.e., W-9, W-2), Two proofs of residency (utility bills, pay slip, etc.).  It must be a physical address-NO post office box.  For more information, log on to Driveky.gov/confidentky.com
  • Lindsey W. Gosser thanked everyone again for taking the time to attend this month’s Chamber meeting and asked Vice-President, Nick Shearer to close the meeting in prayer.


NEXT MEETING-will be Tuesday, March 19, 2019.  Location TBA.

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