December 2019 Chamber Meeting Minutes


December 2019 Chamber Meeting Minutes

December 17, 2019 11:30 cst Board Meeting/ 12:00 cst General Meeting

Russell County Public Library, 535 N. Main St., Jamestown, KY 42629

Lindsey W. Gosser, President x Nick Shearer,  Vice-president x           Patti Lamb,


x Rhonda Redmon, ED x
Rick Miles   Stephen Branscum x Don Byrom x Kim Byrom x
Alan Coffey Terry Ray Cochran   Stephen Eastin x Joy Fletcher
Michael Ford   Bennie Garland x Vickie Glenn x Lisa Gosser x
Daryl Hammond   Ronald Hopper   Torsten Languuth   Linda McFarland
Gary Robertson x Eddie Thomas x Barbara Sharpe x Adam Stille x
Anita Tucker x Eric West x Randy Baird      

Board Members Present – Noted with an X


The Russell County Chamber of Commerce monthly meeting was held Tuesday, December 17th at the new location of the Russell County Public Library, Jamestown, KY. There were approximately 95 in attendance, including the Y Club and their sponsors, Mr. Jason Davidson and Lindsey Gibson. President, Lindsey Gosser, welcomed everyone and thanked each one for coming and showing support of the Chamber of Commerce.  She also recognized the Russell County Public Library for the facility, Branscum Construction for sponsoring the meal for today’s meeting, Lake Cumberland Community Orchestra for entertaining while we ate lunch, Senator Max Wise for speaking at today’s meeting and Sherry Daniels and Lisa Tarter for the delicious lunch.


Minutes from the November meeting were approved with a motion made by Vickie Glenn, with Superior Battery and seconded by Kim Byrom, with Lake Cumberland Properties.


Treasurer, Patti Lamb, Bank of Jamestown, reviewed the financial reports from November 2019.  Lindsey Gosser addressed the questions from the November 2019 meeting regarding ‘2018 Tourism Lease’ and the ‘Chamber SPOTLIGHT’ item under REVENUE.  The Chamber started paying rent to Lake Cumberland Tourism in 2018.  Rent was not paid prior to 2018.  The Chamber SPOTLIGHT line under revenue was inadvertently left off for the 2018-9 Budget and so that was corrected going forward with the 2020 Budget.    Financials were accepted with no discussion.



  • Current Membership was reported at 169 with 13 ribbon cuttings to date.
  • The Chamber SPOTLIGHT has had 18 businesses to participate.
  • The following persons were approved by the NOMINATING COMMITTEE as Chamber officers for 2020: Nick Shearer, President, Stephen Hill, Vice-President, Patti Lamb, Treasurer, and Rhonda Redmon, Executive Director.
  • The following persons have agreed to serve for three (3) more years on the Board of Directors: Lisa Gosser, Stephen Branscum, Alan Coffey, Joy Fletcher and Eric West.
  • With retirements and some positions expiring, the following persons were added to the Chamber Board of Directors:  Terry R. Cochran (replacing Don Cooper), Christy Martin (replacing Stephanie Foley as Leadership director), Steven Fletcher (replacing Ronald Hopper), Stephen Eastin will represent RC Tourism and Lindsey Westerfield will finish as an elected member through December 2020.
  • Rhonda Redmon, Executive Director, asked for patience as she tries to send out 2020 Membership Applications. She stated that she has contacted Kalu Njoku, the representative with Bluegrass Cellular, and they are working on how to send out applications for 2020.  She also stated that the website is current and applications are available from the website.  She had some paper copies of the 2020 Membership Application available at today’s meeting.
  • The Chamber is still waiting on bids and more information for an app.



  • President Lindsey W. Gosser welcomed everyone to the December meeting of the RUSSELL COUNTY CHAMBER of COMMERCE. She recognized Branscum Construction as being the sponsor for this month’s meeting and for providing the lunch at no cost to Chamber members and attendees.  Lunch was catered by Sherry Daniels and Lisa Tarter.  She also thanked the Russell County Public Library for hosting the December Chamber meeting*.  Special thanks to the Lake Cumberland Community Orchestra for entertaining during lunch. The Y Club and their sponsors were also recognized for attending.   *The Russell County Public Library celebrated the GRAND OPENING of their new location prior to today’s Chamber meeting.
  • Nick Shearer, Vice-President of the Chamber and Mayor of the City of Jamestown, KY opened the general meeting and lunch with prayer. The Lake Cumberland Community Orchestra entertained while lunch was served.
  • Lindsey gave a recap of the Board meeting. See notes from above.
  • Lindsey reminded everyone of the 2020 Membership applications and that they would be available after the meeting. She gave a quick review of notable events from 2019.
  • Josh Branscum, Branscum Construction, spoke to the Chamber about how everything begins with an idea/plan. He also mentioned how important a strong foundation is to any building and how the new RUSSELL COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY would be laying the foundation for many future generations to come.
  • Senator Max Wise addressed the group and paid special attention to the Y Club, our future business owners and leaders, as well as recognizing Branscum’s Construction and the Russell County Public Library for a job well done. He also recognized House of Representative and Russell County native, Jeff Hoover, for his service to Kentucky and Russell County.
  • Senator Wise stated that the Legislative Session would begin on January 7, 2020 and last for 60 days. During that time, the Senate and House of Representatives are charged with balancing the budget.  He mentioned how Kentucky was looking to Tennessee as a model in possibly raising sales tax and lowering income tax.  Senator Wise also expects pension funding, the opioid epidemic, gun control and public assisted Welfare assistance to be addressed at the Legislative Session.
  • When Senator Wise finished speaking, he opened the floor to questions. There were a few respectable questions from the floor.
  • President Lindsey W. Gosser thanked everyone for attending and for a successful year for Chamber.


NEXT MEETING-Tuesday, January 21, 2020- location TBA.

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