March 2017


March 2017

March 21, 2017, 11:30 AM (C.D.T.)

Board Meeting/12:00 PM (C.D.T) General Meeting

Timber Pointe Resort

Jerry Claunch, President X Randy Baird, Vice-president X Sharon Hill,


X Lisa Foley, AA X
Chari Bennett   Stephen Branscum Don Byrom X Kim Byrom X
Alan Coffey Don Cooper   Donna Diaz   Joy Fletcher
Michael Ford X Bennie Garland Vickie Glenn X Lisa Gosser X
Daryl Hammond   Ronald Hopper X Torsten Languuth X Linda McFarland X
Gary Robertson   Eric Selby   Barbara Sharpe X Nicholas Shearer  
Debbie Schumann X Adam Stille X Anita Tucker X Eric West X

Board Members Present are marked with an “X.”


Russell County Chamber of Commerce met Tuesday, March 21, 2017, at Timber Pointe Resort. There were 39 attendees. The meeting was called to order by President, Jerry Claunch of First National Bank of Russell Springs. The meeting was sponsored by Jo and Mitch Carpenter of Timber Pointe Resort.


February 2017 minutes were reviewed and approved with a motion made by Linda McFarland and seconded by Kim Byrom. The motion carried.


Financial reports were given by Sharon Hill, Treasurer, for February 2017. A motion was made for approval by Barbara Sharpe and seconded by Vickie Glenn. The motion carried.


At time of meeting there was 156 members. The Blitz campaign has brought 79 memberships as a result of the efforts of the captains, Chad Gosser of State Farm Insurance, Nancy Money and Christen Matney of Monticello Banking Company and Kim Kelsey of First National Bank at time of meeting.

The 2017 Chamber of Commerce Awards Banquet is set for Thursday, April 27th at the Lake Cumberland State Resort Park. Planning for the event is still in progress. This committee consists of Don Byrom, Jerry Claunch, Randy Baird, Linda McFarland, Brittany Stephens, Jan Royse, Vicki Glenn, and Barbara Sharpe. Commissioner of Tourism, Kristen Branscum is set to be the keynote speaker and Will Muse has been scheduled at the musical entertainment for the evening. In lieu of door prizes, businesses have been asked to make donations to Kevin’s Kids.


Janette Marson, Marketing Director for Russell County Tourism spoke about the economic impact tourism has in Kentucky and for Russell County specifically. She presented a short video demonstrating the various reasons visitors come to Kentucky and the amount of money spent in our state. She

She introduced Tim Popplewell, PVA for Russell County who explained how Russell County lake and boat property affects the revenue in the way of property taxes and compared these numbers with those of surrounding counties.


A motion was made to adjourn by Ronald Hopper and seconded by Eric West. The motion carried.


The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 16th at 12 noon as the banquet will be the Chamber event for the April event.

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